Our Goal

“High-quality surgery can only be done when the person who performs these kinds of operations does not only seek the benefits for the patient, but also enjoys the work he or she does on a daily basis.”

The current requirements of society have changed in appearance, but their background remains the same. The patient keeps on expecting his doctor to guide him, advice him and treat him as appropriately as possible; in a word, he keeps on expecting to “trust” in somebody in a difficult time. But the humane treatment, which must be exquisite and prime, has to be accompanied by a profound knowledge of medicine and, in the case of surgery, by very accurate technical skills. The surgery should be as competent and less aggressive as possible. Therefore, we should choose the technique that proposes the best treatment with the fewest effects. Laparoscopic surgery is the combination of effectiveness and kindness in the postoperative period.


What do we seek and expect from surgery?Effectiveness (final resolution of the problem).

  •     Radicality (in the case of tumors, extirpation as most extensive as possible).
  •     Less pain.
  •     Faster physical recovery and integration into a normal daily life.
  •     As least aesthetic alteration as possible (minor and smaller scarring).
  •     Fewer complications.